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1k Ohm Potentiometer (2pcs) - Linear Taper Rotary Panel Pot

  • Set of 2 1000 (1k) Ohm Linear Taper Rotary Potentiometers. Panel Pot Standard Mounting Style
  • Knurled Shaft allows easy adjustment of resistance from 0 - 1000? ohm with ±20% Tolerance
  • Adjustable Resistor can be used in many small electronic projects including microcontroller development, volume controls, Arduino Experiments, Speed Control, Rotary Encoder and More projects needed 1/8w (0.125w) standard potentiometer
  • Economical Solution for any electronics kit and a great addition to anyone parts drawer.
  • Universal Style 3-pin Solder Lugs which also work great in a solder-less breadboard for prototyping circuits

2 pcs 1K ohm Linear Taper Rotary Potentiometer Panel Pot B1K 20mm

Specification: Resistance: 1K Adjustment Type: Top Adjustment Maximum Power: 1/8 Watt Maximum Voltage: 200 Volts Type: B - Linear Rotary Style: Single Turn Shaft length: 0.59 inch / 15mm (Including Thread) Diameter of Shaft: 0.24 inch / 6mm Shaft Thread: M7 Tolerance / Accuracy: ± 20%

Features: Economical Rotary Shaft Potentiometer for 1000s of Electronic UsageConvenient Panel Mount Style with Washer and Nut Great addition for to any DIYer or Electronics Hobbyist Kit Standard 3-pin Potentiometer is a useful addition to your parts drawer Replaces many values of static resistors with 0 - 1000 ohm output. Can be used as a volume control, rotary encoder, game controller, adjustment knob, and more!

Package includes: 2pcs 1K Rotary Potentiometer

Datasheet: https://www.protechtrader.com/manuals/PTT-B1k-Rotary-Potentiometer-Datasheet.pdf

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