Make: Electronics Kits (3rd Ed) - Electronic Component Packs Designed to Follow Experiments in Charles Platt's latest Third Edition

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Make: Electronics Kits (3rd Ed) - Electronic Component Packs Designed to Follow Experiments in Charles Platt's latest Third Edition

Electronics Kits designed for the experiments in the Make: Electronics 3rd Edition book by Charles Platt

***Please Note: This is a multi-variation listing with different kit options and bundles. Select your option from the drop-down menu above before adding to your cart***


The ProTechTrader Make: Electronics Kits have been designed specifically for the updated and rewritten 3rd Edition of Make: Electronics (2021 - Charles Platt). We worked with Charles Platt directly for our kits to complement and match his experiments, just the way he wanted. The ProTechTrader electronics kits are highly recommended by the author and are a perfect introduction for the new electronics enthusiast. Geared towards beginners Make: Electronics 3rd Edition is the top educational book for students through professional adults wanting to learn basic electronics and circuit design.

Rounding up all of the necessary components can be frustrating and time-consuming, whereas we think learning electronics should be fun and exciting! The component shopping has been done so you can hit the ground running and complete all of the experiments in the 3rd edition book. Each of the components is clearly labeled for your convenience and easy access.

Each kit comes with over 150+ pieces, including a solderless breadboard which is used for circuit prototyping and provides an excellent base for any beginner to learn basic electronics or any professional to build prototype circuits.

A popular choice for students and teachers in STEM programs.

***However, there are a few components we do not supply such as:

  • Galvanized Brackets
  • Lemons (Juice)
  • Copper objects


Make: Electronics Kit 1 Economy


With nearly 200 components, the Economy Component Pack 1 gives you all of the basics for completing experiments in sections 1-3 in Make: Electronics Third Edition.

The ProTechTrader Economy Component Pack 1 includes:


▪ All Required Resistors and Capacitors

▪ Solder-less Breadboard

▪ Perforated Boards

▪ 1 in. 8 Ohm Loudspeaker

▪ Trimmer Potentiometers

▪ 3mm & 5mm LEDs

▪ Glass Fuses

▪ 9V Relay

▪ Transistors

▪ Test Leads with Alligator Clips

▪ Tactile and Slide Switches

▪ DPDT PCB Non-Latching relays

▪ Hookup Wire in Four Colors

And more


Make: Electronics Kit 1 Deluxe

For an upgraded, seamless experience try the Deluxe Component Pack 1 which includes all the components in the Economy Pack, in addition to the following essential items for the new electronics enthusiast:

▪ Double-Sided Storage Organizer Case

▪ 9V AC/DC Adapter

▪ 9V Battery

▪ 9V Connector

▪ 9V Relay

▪ 47 µF Electrolytic Capacitors

▪ 30W Soldering Iron (110-120V)

▪ PDM631 Basic Multimeter

▪ Solder .05” (1.5 mm)

▪ Heat Shrink Tubing

*****Please note: The Make: Electronics 3rd Edition book is sold separately*****


Make: Electronics Kit 2 Economy

With over 100 components, the Economy Component Pack 2 gives you all of the basics for completing experiments in sections 4-5 in Make: Electronics Third Edition and features the Arduino Uno compatible microcontroller, high impedance Piezo Crystal Earphone, and MORE!

The ProTechTrader Economy Component Pack 2 includes:

▪ All Required Resistors and Capacitors
▪ A Variety of IC chips
▪ 2in Speaker
▪ Trimmer Potentiometers
▪  3mm LEDs
▪ 7 Segment Display
▪ Cylindrical Magnets
▪ Voltage Regulator
▪ Piezo Crystal Earphone Bare Wire
▪ Arduino UNO
▪ Arduino Cables
▪ Remington Magnet Wire


*****Please note: The Make: Electronics 3rd Edition book is sold separately*****

Ultimate Make Electronics Kit Bundle


About This Item

What more can we say? This Ultimate Bundle includes Everything from Kit 1 Deluxe and Kit 2 Economy (excluding the magnet wire) all for your convenience.  We take out the guesswork & save you time from searching for each individual component needed to complete the entire 3rd Edition book. This bundle pack is the only one that includes the 3rd Edition paperback by Charles Platt.


Make: Electronics 3rd Edition by Charles Platt Paperback Book

About This Item

The first edition of Make: Electronics established a new benchmark for introductory texts. The second edition enhanced that experience, and now this third edition includes all-new diagrams throughout, new photographs, and a completely rewritten text.

Learning by Discovery is a system developed by Charles Platt to enable an experience that is fascinating, fun, and memorable. You learn by building your own circuits--and by making your own mistakes. In fact, mistakes are an important part of the experience. The book encourages you to "burn things out and mess things up" to find out for yourself the limits of electronic components. You'll blow a fuse and watch an overloaded LED, and you can cut open a relay to see how it works inside.

Illustrations are in full color throughout, so you'll see exactly what you need and how to use it. While Make: Electronics minimizes the amount of theory that you need, it does show you how to figure out Ohm's Law and do the simple math to calculate the time constant of a capacitor. A simple "finger test" demonstrates how transistors switch or amplify current. You can solder wires, if you wish, to build a permanent circuit, although soldering is not necessary to build all the circuits in the book.

You'll see how to use integrated circuit chips to create a simple circuit that tests the speed of your reflexes. Other circuits include a combination lock for a computer or a game in which players compete to be the first to press a button. 

All the basic concepts are demonstrated quickly and simply with affordable components. You'll discover resistance, capacitance, voltage, amperage, inductance, and the relationship between electricity and magnetism.

Ideal for Beginners
This book assumes that you have no prior knowledge. It explains each concept in meticulous detail and is friendly, patient, and fun. Positive reader feedback has been received from people ranging in age from 8 to 84. If you only buy one book about electronics, this should be the one.


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