ZyXEL Wireless N 720P HD Camera with Night Vision IPC3605N

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ZyXEL Wireless N 720P Camera with Night Vision (IPC3605N)
ZyXEL Wireless N 720P Camera with Night Vision (IPC3605N)
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Never lose sight of what’s important.

The IPC-3605N is a revolutionary network camera designed to take the expense and confusion out of watching over the important things in your life. While traditional network camera setups are expensive and difficult to maintain, the IPC-3605N utilizes state-of-the-art cloud-based architecture to make installation and playback simple, with no complicated network setup required.

Thanks to the convenience of iSecurity+, available for iOS, Android, or through the Cloud Portal at zyxel.isecurityplus.com, you can view your camera from your phone or PC at any time, and easily share your feeds with family and friends. It’s the perfect way to keep an eye on the kids while you pop out for groceries; or to share video of your new kittens with friends and family members.

With the IPC-3605N, you and everyone you care about can always stay connected to the important things – no matter the distance.

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Key Features
  • CloudEnabledTM Network Camera.
  • iSecurity+ allows users to view, manage, and share their video feeds from any PC, Android or iOS device.
  • Easily share video with family and friends.
  • Automatic night-vision provides crystal-clear vision even in complete darkness.
  • 802.11n compatible for high-speed wireless connectivity in remote or difficult areas.

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True Accessibility

The IPC-3605N harnesses the power of the cloud to free you from the constraints of a traditional IP camera. There’s no complicated maintenance or expensive equipment required, and setup is simple – just a few clicks in the included eaZy setup wizard and you’ll be ready to use your camera within minutes.


IPC Camera CloudEnabled by iSecurity

CloudEnabledTM by iSecurity+

The IPC-3605N is compatible with the iSecurity+ suite of mobile apps to provide fast, easy access to video feeds and camera management tools directly from any iOS or Android-based device, or from any computer with a Flash compatible web browser.

In addition, CloudEnabledTM technology makes it easy to view and manage multiple cameras from a single interface, with no network setup required.



Easy Camera Sharing

iSecurity+ makes sharing your video feeds with friends and family easy. Just have them set up an iSecurity+ account and add them to your shared cameras list. Simple as that, your camera feed will show up on their Friends list. No complicated configuration required.

Crystal Clear Video Day or Night

Crystal-Clear Video Day or Night

With the IPC-3605N, everything’s illuminated. To ensure you’re able to check in on your video feeds 24/7, the IPC-3605N comes equipped with an array of IR LEDs that automatically light up to 10 meters to provide perfect vision even in total darkness.




802.11n Wi-Fi

The IPC-3605N utilizes 802.11n wireless technology to make it easy to install your camera anywhere a WiFi signal is available. Now it’s no problem to monitor parking lots, outdoor areas, or rooms that simply don’t have an available Ethernet connection, and there’s no need to worry about the cost or difficulty of running new wire.



State of the Art technology

The IPC-4605N features state of the art technology to make sure you’ve always got an eye in the sky. Pan-Tilt-Zoom functionality lets you remotely control your camera in real-time; allowing you to quickly and easily pan your camera up to 340 degrees, tilt up to 100 degrees, or zoom up to 10x – all from any internet-connected PC, or from Android and iOS devices with the free iSecurity+ app. In addition, CloudEnabledTM technology makes it easy to view and manage multiple cameras from a single interface, with no network setup required.



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