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*New Thrift Store in Town* Family Goods Thrift Store

Last week I noticed a sign for a new thrift store on my way home from work and today was the day I got to check it out!

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Who: Family Goods Thrift Store

Where and When: 101 Allied Parkway Unit C (Behind the Jump Zone)

Sicklerville, NJ

10am-6pm Monday-Saturday

10am-4pm Sundays



Getting to this place was a little tricky. You have to pull into this industrial complex between the Jump Zone and the Sock Outlet and go all the way to the back. You are literally walking in this little door in the side of a giant warehouse.



As soon as we walked in our ears were greeted by the sounds of screaming unattended children.


Since it's a giant warehouse the screams just echo and bounce all around and they did not stop the entire time we were there. The outside is deceiving because the actual thrift store is about a third of the size of the giant warehouse and it's kind of boxed off. I assume the other space is for sorting donations but it looks like there's a rock climbing wall in the back corner, so maybe this place was used as something else before or it could be a shared space.




There's clothes for the whole family and they separated by size and color which is nice and convenient. The game selection was a little weak but this is a new thrift store so I'll cut them some slack. I was completely mesmerized by the book selection. There was a great selection of children's books and old books. I picked up a copy of Animal Farm that was printed in 1948 and a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird from 1962. I also fell in love with this children's book, Pogo's Sky Ride, mainly because I couldn't believe how overdue it was from the library.





The prices were very reasonable if not a steal on some things. It seemed like everything had $.88 on the end of it. The small books I bought were $.88 each and I picked up a nice dressy shirt for $3.88.



I completely freaked out when I saw an exercise mat for $2.88. I just started working out in my basement and I almost got a chin burn the other day when I gave up on some push ups. This could possible be one of my most useful thrift store finds!








I really liked their selection and prices on glasses and vases. I became completely enamored with this lime green vase. It looks like a snake is climbing around the vase and it has "Made in Spain" etched in the bottom. It's going to find it's way on eBay, probably as soon as I'm done this blog entry, but I just had to have it for few days.










THE GOOD: The prices, the book selection, the glassware selection, and the organization and overall layout of the space that's being used. They take cash and credit cards. A part of the profits go to the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey, you can drop donations off or have them come pick them up.

THE BAD AND UGLY: A little tricky to find. The atmosphere is a little chaotic.



Overall I give this place a thumbs up. I was a little put off due to the screaming children and overall weirdness of the whole set up but I feel like I was able to find unique things like this vase that I would not have found anywhere else. I was also able to get a huge bargain. I feel like this is the kind of thrift shop I can go back to in a week or so and see a lot of new inventory and be surprised by something every time I go.







Posted by Amy Kinder

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