Make: Radio Component Kit - Electronics Component Pack Designed to Follow the Experiments in Make: Radio by Fredrik Jansson

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Make: Radio Component Kit - Electronics Component Pack Designed to Follow the Experiments in Make: Radio by Fredrik Jansson

Latest Electronics Kit released on 7/1/2024

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Make: Radio Component Kit

Electronics Component Pack Designed to Follow the Experiments in Make: Radio by Fredrik Jansson


The ProTechTrader Make: Radio Kit has been designed specifically for the new Make: Radio book by author Fredrik Jansson under his supervision. We even got to work with an old friend, Charles Platt, who contributed the foreword and illustrations on the book. The ProTechTrader Make: Radio book is officially endorsed by the collaborators in the appendix. Designed for beginners, the book enters a new school of Electronics Learning for the “Make” series and for us at ProTechTrader.

Rounding up all of the necessary components can be frustrating and time-consuming, whereas we think learning electronics should be fun and exciting! The component shopping has been done so you can hit the ground running and complete all of the experiments in the book. Each of the components is clearly labeled for your convenience and easy access.

“Make: Radio” is an exciting new chapter in learning electronics. Experiments range from building your own AM radio from scratch in which you can send and receive sounds to creating a transmitter and receiver; the likes of which are used in commercial-grade wireless doorbells. The wireless module in the book can have a range of a dozen yards! Many readers have been amazed at what they made with just a little guidance.

Each kit comes with over 120+ pieces, including two solderless breadboards and for the first time from ProTechTrader, two Raspberry Pi Picos! The Pico is an extraordinarily powerful, dual-core pocket-sized computer which can be used for a wide array of digital products from video game emulators to robotics/ home automation (and, coincidentally, radios). These microcontrollers and other supplemental boards (Si4703, 1602 LCD screen, wireless transmitter/ receiver, etc) enhance the radio to teach on a deeper level, while still remaining accessible to amateurs and the uninitiated. Of course, “Make: Radio” still includes the electronics kit mainstays like capacitors, resistors, inductors, LEDs, switches, and potentiometers. Finally, the kit includes components new to ProTechTrader like a ferrite rod, tuning capacitors, European-style connection blocks, a pre-built radio for testing, and more.

A popular choice for students and teachers in STEM programs, ProTechTrader is recommended in the text as the easiest way to complete the shopping list. The components are clearly labeled and comfortably fit in a compact box for shipping and travel. The ProTechTrader “Make: Radio” Component Kit includes every component required to complete all 12 experiments in the book, including all optional components. This way the experiments can be done exactly as they were intended.

ProTechTrader is proud to offer free consultation and component replacement with our email As a small family business, we are eager to please our customers with the personal touches that only a family can provide. We have personally tested our components, completing every experiment in the book by hand. Feel free to send any inquiry our way while we monitor the inbox every business day.


Please Note: The Book is not included in this electronic kit and is available for purchase online from MakerShed here Make: Radio by Fredrik Jansson

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