Premium AC Adapter for Micron Transport X1000

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Premium AC Adapter for Micron Transport X1000


Premium AC Adapter for Micron Transport X1000

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This Empower brand premium AC adapter features a new design released in October 2010. The quality goes above and beyond anything ever before offered from a replacement adapter. It incorporates features not even found in OEM adapters. On the outside you will notice a high-gauge 6 foot DC cord. The adapter is bundled with a 6 foot 18AWG UL certified AC cord for a total length of over 12 feet. On the inside we have incorporated new safety and performance features. A more robust transformer and circuitry design enables the adapter to provide power more efficiently and with less heat. An internal thermistor will temporarily shut off the adapter if it gets too hot. In the event of overheating, the laptop will safely switch to battery and allow the adapter to cool down and come back on, rather than overheating and burning out. This is an especially useful feature for aging laptops which can often draw more than their rated load. Together these new features offer you more protection than is found with conventional IC based designs. We stand behind this product with a new 18 month warranty, and as an established American company we will be here to honor our promises and serve you in the future. Package Includes: AC Power Adapter, UL Certified Power Cord

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