Xfinity / Comcast XR5 Premium Backlight Remote Control V4-U X1 HD DVR NEW

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Xfinity / Comcast XR5 Premium Backlight Remote Control V4-U X1 HD DVR NEW

Comcast XR5 RF Remote Control Version V4 For X1 Platform




The XR5 Version 4 is the New 2015 Model with Backlight & TV Input Control (v4-r / V4-r)




This remote is the latest from Comcast / Xfinity as well as their only Premium Backlit Remote for the X1 Entertainment System.  This premium backlit remote has an all new design that feels great in your hand and adds new functionality that our customers have been asking for. You can now easily change the input selection on your TV with the “TV Input” button and you can directly access our powerful Search feature with the new “Search” button. This new remote has all of the features and functions of previous remote version such as the high-quality finish, ergonomically enhanced design and convenient backlit buttons for ease of use in dimly lit rooms. With a built in accelerometer, the remote lights up when you move it, avoiding the need to press a button to activate, like many other backlit remotes on the market.  This new remote supports “Aim Anywhere” technology and when paired with your set-top box eliminates the need to have a direct line of sight, so you can literally point your remote in any direction and still control your set-top.






  •  Support both IR and RF* modes 
    •  * RF mode requires an RF capable STB
  • ZigBee RF4CE
  • Comcast Legacy IR, Motorola Legacy IR, Cisco Legacy IR
  • TV IR Control Database - TV Power, Volume, Mute
  • Home Theater (AVR) Overlay Feature - All Power, Volume, Mute

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