Large Solid Copper Alligator Clips (4 pack) 2-inch Rated for 10a and 10 awg Wire

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  • Large Solid Copper Alligator Clips - Nearly 2 inches long the are great as a Crocodile Jaw Clip-on Soldering Heat Sink & DIY Electronics Test Leads
  • Excellent Heat Transfer Makes Solid Copper Alligator Clips The Best Soldering HeatSinks To Protect Delicate Thermal Sensitive Electronic Components
  • Wire Connector supports up to 10 gauge / 10awg (10ga) stranded or solid wire for crimp or soldered connection
  • Rated for up to 10 amps of current and 10 awg (10 gauge) stranded or solid hook-up wire
  • Great addition to any DIY Electronics Enthusiast or Hobbyist - Make Test Leads or Protect ICs, circuits, and other heat Sensitive parts when soldering

Solid Copper Alligator Clips (4 pack) 2-inch Crocodile Jaw Soldering Heat Sink & DIY Electronics Test Clip Wire Connector Rated for 10 Amps (10a) & Up To 10 ga (10 awg) Wire The solid copper construction allows these alligator clips to be used as both traditional quick electronic hook-up wire clip on test leads as well as soldering heat sinks to protect your most delicate components from overheating, scorching, melting, and other heat related damage. Solid copper alligator clips are chosen by most electronic hobbyist for their versatility as copper is both an excellent thermal and electrical conductor. Superior heat transfer compared to standard steel clip soldering heat sinks gives them the ability to protect your components much more easily then traditional clip on soldering heat sinks..


4x Large 2-inch Solid Copper Alligator Clips for use as a soldering heat sink or quick clip on test lead wire connector

Rated for up to 10 amps and 10 gauge (10ga/AWG) wire they can be soldered or crimped on

Solid Copper is both an excellent conductor of electricity and heat


Material: Solid Copper (NOT PLATED)

Overall Length: ~2" inches/ 5cm

Max Jaw Opening: ~.4" inch / 11mm

Crimp or Solder Connection Barrel Tail

Current Rating: 10 Amps

Max Wire Size: 10 AWG


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