RS-550s 18v (6v - 24v) DC Motor High Power/Torque DIY Drills Robots RC

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Brand: ProTechTrader

Model: RS-550S-18v

UPC: 789048342524



Shape of Motor Housing: Round

Type of Motor: Carbon Brushes

Construction: Anisotropic Magnet or Rare Earth Magnet Specifications •

Operating Voltage: ~6v - 24v

No Load RPM: ~19300

No Load Current: ~1.2A

Stall Torque: ~70.55oz-in (498.2mN-m)

Efficiency: ~70%

RPM Peak Efficiency: ~17250

Current Peak Efficiency: ~8-10A Dimensions

Weight: ~7.7oz (218g) 

Mounting holes (2): M3

Body Dimentions: Length - 2.24in (57mm) / Diameter - 1.46in (37mm)

Shaft Dimentions: Length: 8.2mm / Diameter - 3.15mm


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