Integrated Circuits (IC) 74HCxxx Series Low-Power Logic IC Chip - 13pc

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Integrated Circuits (IC) 74HCxxx Series Low-Power Logic IC Chip - 13pc

Integrated Circuits (IC) Kit – 13pc

This IC Kit is Great for DIY Projects and Learning About Electronics

8 Bags of Integrated Circuits Include:

  • 555 Timers  (4 per bag) 
  • Decade Counter CD4026  (3 per bag) 
  • 74HC02 Quad 2-input NOR Gate  (1 per bag) 
  • 74HC32 Quad 2-input OR Gate DIP-14  (1 per bag) 
  • 74HC00N Quad 2-input NAND Gate  (1 per bag) 
  • 74HC08 Quad 2-input AND Gate DIP-14  (1 per bag) 
  • 74HC27 Triple 3-input NOR Gate  (1 per bag) 
  • 74HC393 Dual 4-bit binary counter  (1 per bag) 


We have selected one of the most commonly used 74HCxxx series that can be used in many projects. These Low-Power IC chips have a strong high-temperature resistance and can be used as Bistability, register, shift register, oscillator, divider counter, etc. Though they are small in size, they take up very little space in the application. The power consumption is low and can work normally with little consumption. 

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