Piezoelectric Ear Phone High Impedance Ceramic Piezo Crystal Radios - Upg Brass

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Piezoelectric Ear Phone High Impedance Ceramic Piezo Crystal Radios - Upg Brass

***Newly Designed Updated Model for 2022***
Brass Diaphragm and ALL soldered wire connections for improved connectivity and reliability
  1. Redesigned to eliminate issues previously found in many piezoelectric earphones
  2. Tin Diaphragm has been Upgraded to Brass
  3. Conductive Glue (used on lower models) has been replaced with all soldered connections
  4. Black Wire is Specific to the upgraded 2022 version
  • Perfect to make electronics projects like Crystal or Transistor Radios
  • High 20,000 ohm impedance with resistance over 20 million ohms and a capacitance of 15,000 pf
  • Rated Sensitivity of 57db at 1KHz in the frequency range from 200 to 8,000Hz
  • Classic style highly sensitive molded earpiece with 42-in twisted wire with pre-tinned bare wire connections
  • Classic PiezoElectric Crystal Earpiece for DIY Electronics Kits
Ceramic earphone/Crystal earpiece for Transistor and Crystal Radios, Sensitive Electronics Projects, Lab research, and other DIY experiments requiring a very sensitive high impedance earpiece.

Piezoelectric earphones, also known as crystal earphones, ceramic earphone, and piezo earpieces are the most sensitive earphones. They are in fact many times more sensitive than even the most sensitive magnetic earphones, dynamic earphones, or electrostatic earphones that you may use on your iPod or iPhone. Sensitive earphones have a very high impedance, which is measured in ohms and should not be used directly with a modern amplified radio. Crystal Earphones are so sensitive and require so little power to operate that you can hear a small 'click' just by touching the two bare leads together.

Crystal radios will not work with modern earphones or 'earbuds' as they are designed to operate with amplified audio sources found in today's electronic devices. Crystal Earphones are used in the construction of the crystal radio and in some science experiments such as listening to electric fish.

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