A Mixed Day

The Plan is two yard sales from Craigslist and a visit to one of the greatest thrift stores around, Thrift Village in Glassboro, NJ.


Yard Sale #1- The one I was excited about

The Craigslist ad for this yard sale was a "Massive Moving Sale" and "Bargain Central" that claimed to have something for everyone !  As we pulled up I immediately had a good feeling about this one because I saw a lot of cars in front of the house and signage.  

The best part,  everything was INDOORS!  This was a great surprise because it was freeeezing cold out.  The people who were running this yard sale were amazingly nice!  They were moving to Texas and since that's a haul from New Jersey they had and everything must go mentality and they were wheeling and dealing with people left and right.  That's when I found my bargain of the day and I passed it up mostly because I'm lazy.  They told me I could have all of their printers for $30!  This meant I would have to go home and get the van and come back.  Plus, I'd have to lift all of those printers (some were covered in dirty cobwebs) and then I'd have to store them somewhere until I could sell them all.  I passed on this one but it's been bothering me for a few days.


The end result was I did not find anything at this yard sale but I still enjoyed it.  Walking through some stranger’s house and literally rummaging through their things was a fun weird time.  Plus the couple was great with staying engaged with their constant flow of customers.  More importantly, this yard sale lived up to its hype on Craigslist which doesn't happen too often in my mind.


Yard Sale #2- Garage Sale that was in a good location

When I make my yardsaling plan I try to make sure they are close to each other so this garage sale fell right in line with where I was going to be.  The Craigslist ad was very brief and somewhat amusing, "Household Items, Cloths, Electronics, Games, Movies, and more".  I'm assuming cloths were supposed to be clothes but the thing that caught my eye was the games.  I'm always on the lookout for older games.  I pulled up to this yard sale with high hopes that were immediately crushed.  


This was one of those yard sales that if you didn't know any better you would think someone was just in the middle of cleaning out their garage.  The people who were running it seemed nice but not too chatty and that’s probably because everyone was freezing cold.  There were household items, clothes (as it turned out), electronics, games, and more as the Craigslist ad claimed but it was a very small yard sale.  I did manage to pick up a couple of cat bowls for $.75 (those spoiled brats get something just about every time I go out).  Even though I got something here I wasn’t as excited about this yard sale as I was at the previous one.


Posted by Amy Kinder

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