Murphy's Loft Revisited

Murphy’s Loft was a barn converted into a bookstore on Main St in Mullica Hill, NJ.  I found the above picture from another blog.  I highly recommend checking it out because they have some other pictures of the inside showing just how special this place was.  I say was because last year, the owner retired.  As a result, the inventory of the loft was placed in boxes outside and listed under “Free” on Craigslist.  My husband (Al) and I gassed up the E-350 and filled it to the TOP with bags and boxes of books.  We put all of the books in plastic bins and as a result I’ve had 40-50 bins of books in my kitchen for the past year!  This past weekend we finally decided it was time to start cataloging the books.  I couldn’t wait to see what treasures we would find!  Were any books autographed?  Had anyone used a hundred dollar bill as a bookmark and left it in their book?  How old is the oldest book we have?  So much excitement, I can’t believe we put this off for a year.  The intent for this blog is to chronicle my exciting journey through the treasure trove of Murphy’s Loft and keep in mind, these books I have are only a small sampling of how amazing this bookstore was.  

I started this week off by educating myself.  In noting the condition of the books I wanted to make sure I was using the correct terms for parts of the book.  I found this great site, and now I know what a fore edge is.  I also came across books that had edges with uneven pages.  I refer to these as ghetto pages but as it turns out it's called a deckle edge and some people prefer it.  Armed with my knew knowledge I sat down and got ready to work.   Days 3 and 4 were supervised by Lovey Boy (pictured left). &n..
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Day one, supervised by Boogeyman (pictured left), consisted mostly of trial and error while Al and I searched for the ideal cataloging software.  We want to be able to log the book easily (preferably scanning it with a scanner), note the condition, and be able to upload it to Amazon.  We still aren’t sure the program we are using is the best but after wasting the better part of day one we picked one and started digging.  At the end of the second day we have 6 bins (320) completely catalogued.  We also have half a bin of more difficult books catalogued.   &nb..

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