Road Trips

During a recent road trip to Vermont, my son Alex and I listened to an audiobook that was set in Maine.  The narrator described a local drink in that region called Moxie (Pronounced  Mawwksey, in their native tongue).   My son asked was curious about it, so I told him to look it up on the Wikipedia app as we drove (see, technology is actually a good thing!)  This opened up a conversation about local drinks that are specific to regions of the country.   I explained to him that these beverages usually have characteristics of their region of origin, and are w..
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There‚Äôs nothing like the open road and fresh country air to ease your frazzled nerves.   This weekend, grab your GPS, fill up your gas tank, and let the road take you!   We love road trips in my family, but if you like to travel as often as we do, it can become costly.   There are a few apps and websites out there that make extended road trips safe and affordable.   One such site is .  You can also download the couchsurfing app on your smartphone.  What a fantastic way to see the world, meet new friends, and obtain..
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