Digital Multimeter Voltage Resistance Current Diode Transistor Battery Tester

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Digital Multimeter Voltage Resistance Current Diode Transistor Battery Tester

  • Auto Range Digital Pocket Multi-Meter with Test Probes & Battery Installed with On/Off Switch and LCD Display Screen
  • Designed for Basic Electronics Education Use and Electrical Circuit Testing this economy meter is great for Troubleshooting for Beginners - Similar to DT830D & DT830B Multimeters offering all normal features with the addition of a On/Off Switch
  • DMM Tests DC Voltage (200mv - 1000v), AC Volts (1v - 750v), Resistance (1 ohm - 2000k ohms), Current (up to 10a for 15 secs or 500ma cont.)
  • Features specific testing modes for Diodes and hFE Current Gain of NPN/PNP Transistors
  • Also supports 1.5v & 9v Battery Load Tests for Quick Checks of all AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-Volt Cell Batteries

ProTechTrader's DT830-BS Digital MultimeterSpecifically designed economy basic multi-meter contains all the functionality needed for basic electronic circuit troubleshooting, repair, and educational use. Great for STEM programs or home repair and DIYers Features:
Digital LCD Display Screen Auto-Ranging 7-Function Meter DC Volts AC Volts Resistance Current/Amperage Tester Diode Tester Transister hFE Gain Test Mode Battery Load Testing Package Includes: Digitial Pocket MultiMeter Test Probe Lead Set Pre-Installed Battery Basic Operator's Manual

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